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Samaksh is a service which aims to create the world a safe place to live in. Many crimes and mishaps happen all around us, but most of them go on unreported! This is not because people don't want to help, but mainly because nobody wants to get their hands dirty, nobody wants to get involved in police cases and all.

Samaksh is a hindi world meaning someone is near you. Our nation is densly populated, while many people see this as a disadvantage, Samaksh sees this as an opportunity to connect people whenever anyone needs help. Suppose a person sees an accident while travelling, the only way to help now is that he informs the police and, at max he can see his phone and try to call his contacts.

With Samaksh, people can just take a picture of the mishap, or click on the SOS button, and the case will be informed to the concerned authorities, as well as his close contacts.

Our Objectives

We act with integrity and independence by holding ourselves and each other accountable, ethical, and reliable in all that we do.

We innovate to our technology to be able to give back to the society which we live in, and drive our growth as well as the public safety.

We deliver results and we excel at work that positively affects the scenario world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Samaksh?

Samaksh is an idea which aims to create the world a safe place to live in by providing services through which people become more aware of the mishaps and crimes happening around them, and are able to provide help immediately to the needy.

Our Objectives?

Trust, Innovation, and Performance. We innovate to give back to our society, drive our growth, and ensure public safety

How can we help you digitalize public safety?

The safety of normal people is now in their own hands. The chances of accuesed running away with crime and not getting caught are really reduced. Now with our digital services you can now secure your society by just a tap by your hands.

Is Samaksh really free and open?

Yes. Personal usage of Samaksh is free. Anyone can use it's features built in most of the native social media platforms for free. You can also access samaksh services through it's own app. (We take security as a prime concern). Although, usage of samaksh at a commercial level is paid.

I’m a normal person who wants to help the society. How can samaksh help me in my goal?

Yes, Samaksh is an app which gives you the power to serve for the society's security at a very big scale and at no cost. Your identity is secured and your good deeds are counted.

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